The Pros And Cons Of Nikon Cameras

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Generally, two things come to mind when it comes to purchasing a camera: how much you have to spend and how you are going to use it to get the best value for that price. Nikon is a dominant player in the DSLR market and continues to put out excellent cameras every year, capturing the heart of pros and amateurs alike. Nikon is quite impressive with the broad range of cameras every year from the D4s to the D3300. We have a list of the current best selling Nikon cameras of 2017, in no particular order:

Nikon D500
● Pros
○ 10 frames per second capture with tracking focus.
○ An awesome battery life that refuses to die.
○ Thumb joystick at the back for changing AF points which is dedicated.
○ Dust and weather-resistant
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○ Integration of Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to share images effortlessly.
● Cons
○ 4k video is cropped.
○ Omits built-in flash.
○ Quite big and tough to get into some messenger bags.
The Nikon D500 is worth having a look at, with its thumb joystick which enables faster selection of autofocus points; this makes the overall flow of work easier and smoother. There is also a comfortable flipping touchscreen surface. This camera puts Nikon’s finest autofocus system in a strong compact SLR body that certainly pleases pros and cameras enthusiasts alike.

Nikon D750
● Pros
○ Fx sensor
○ Lighter body, mostly in comparison with the Nikon D500 which brings better portability.
○ 6.5 frames per second burst shooting.
○ Fast 51 frames per second autofocus system.
○ Availability of integrated Wi-Fi for sharing of images.
○ 24 MP fall-frame image sensor.
○ 60 frames per second 1080p video capture.
● Cons
○ The time lapse is limited to 8 hours.
○ If you want a GPS module add-on, then it gets quite pricey.
○ There is no PC sync socket.
○ No weather resistance which means you can't use it when it rains or gets too cold except with the use of a rain gear.
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