Consumer Behaviour of Purchasing Digital Camera

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Consumer Behaviour of Purchasing Digital Camera
1.0 Introduction
In order to market the product into the market successfully, marketers need to have some marketing strategy to enter the desired market and make profit. Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market into subsets of consumers with common needs or characteristics (Schiffman et al., 2011). Understanding the market size and segmentation is valuable, but the keys to effective targeting is to know just how valuable specific consumer groups are, and being able to quantify the impact of consumer trends ( Berry, 1999).
The purpose if this paper is to define the market segmentation for digital camera. Especially focus on Nikon digital camera which is the chosen product in
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According to the consumer feedback survey conducted by Nikon in 2011, the consumers considered Nikon digital camera as user-friendly, affordable price, well performance and good quality. The significant signal to explain this stage can be affordable price and good quality of the product.

2.1.2. Product benefits
After the product attributes it goes to the second stage which is product benefits. There are two consequences can discussed under the field of product benefits, namely as functional consequences and psychosocial consequences.
The functional consequences is the tangible consequences of the product, it focus more on “what function is perform?’Also, it can be considered as an external influence to the consumer. In this case the consequences may be user-friendly and excellence photographic performance.
The psychosocial consequence is a combination of psychological and social consequences. It emphasized more on ‘How I feel?’ and ‘How people feel about me?’which is more likely to be the internal influences to the consumers. Attraction and communication are significantly elements in this part. For example, Nikon consumer may feel they catch people attention when they are using Nikon digital camera which is the psychological consequence. Also the consumer may feel happy when they are using Nikon digital camera with others and create positiveexperience about the product, this may considered as social consequence.

2.1.3 Personal values
The last
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