The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Warfare

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Nuclear Warfare is possible at any given time during this time period. With all the technology we have these days, different countries could build bombs and start a third world war. Different nations don’t know what other nations can do with the technology. Everybody seems to fear nuclear warfare because it can release high levels of radiation, that removes electrons from atoms and can change people's DNA. Even though America is on the verge of nuclear warfare with Korea, neither of the country's know whether the other country is actually bluffing or actually making a threat to send off a nuclear bomb enough to, destroy the whole country. But Nuclear warfare is described as a military conflict or political strategy in which it is used to inflict damage to the intended country.

During nuclear warfare, when a bomb hits the ground, the bomb releases' radiation. There are three different types of radiation; alpha, beta, and gamma. Nuclear Fission is when a heavy, unstable nucleus into two lighter nuclei. Nuclear Fusion is the process when two lighter nuclei combine to release a vast amount of energy. Stable Nuclei are nuclei that are stable because it has an even amount of protons and neutrons. Unstable nuclei are nuclei that are unstable because it does not have an even amount of neutrons and protons.

Nuclear warfare is actually beneful and good because it keeps from having a war. One of the reasons that we haven’t had World War Three is due to nuclear weapons are a

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