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Parfit is known for his hypotheticals involving a potential future technology, tele-transportation. This technology is essentially a machine that allows objects and people to teleport to other locations. In Parfits scenarios, humanity has reached a point in its technological history that humans now must travel to Mars in a timely matter. To avoid months aboard a space shuttle on a trip from Earth to Mars, a tele-transporter is utilized. Parfits tele-transporter scans the body and mental states, saves and transports the data to another location, destroys the original body, and recreates the body and mental states from new materials. In both scenarios there are cautions passengers who are nervous that they will soon be wiped …show more content…

There are those who feel as both scenarios mean certain death of the self. These views are a result of feelings, such as the uneasiness of being recreated with different materials than those biologically and naturally created without human intervention. Others argue that there cannot be a continuation of consciousness when being transported, and therefore, there cannot be a continuation of the self. These two arguments are attacking from different sides of the self-debate. Those worried about the specific materials used to recreate the biological body are focusing sentimentally on the human body carrying their consciousness. The human body is continuously regeneration cells, and therefore has a complete set of new cells, or materials, every seven years . Therefore, there should not be any ill felling when regarding to an instantaneous exchanging of cells. On the other side, those worried about the continuous of consciousness, rightfully see that the contents of consciousness are the necessary aspects of the self. Stephen King answers this point in his short story, The Juant. When forcing passengers to sleep, an unconscious state, before scanning the body and mental state, passengers will be transported while in a less conscious, or unconscious state. This should be seen as falling asleep in a car parked in the driveway and waking up when you reach the destination. However, there is a weaker case that allows the …show more content…

He illiterates this claim by a thought experiment involving torture. In this hypothetical Williams tells individuals that they will be tortured at noon the following day. Naturally everyone feels uneasy about this. In order to easy this feeling, Williams tells those waiting to be tortured that before noon the individual’s entire memory will be erased. Williams argues that if memory is necessary for personal identity, this news should put any feelings of uneasiness to rest. When asked, the individual still reports feeling uneasy about the torture. Williams repeats this process altering the scenario from amnesia to exchanging the memories of the individual who will be torured for those of another. Again when prompted the individual still feels uneasy about the torture. Williams claims that this is proof of the body being just as necessary as the memories. However, this is not a fair analysis of the situation. When the individual is told of their torture as a matter of fact, it is a natural reaction to feel uneasy. This is similar to feeling anxious about a public speaking event that unexpectedly gets canceled right before taking the stage. There will remain a sense of anxiety until the event causing that feeling is gone. Likewise, the feeling of unrest will remain present until the moment of memory loss. This therefore fails as an example to increase the importance of the body in regards to

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