The Pros And Cons Of Police Employee Training

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There have been many positives and negatives after graduating from the police academy as recruit. Some feel prepared to take on the real world and protect and some feel under-prepared to protect and take on the real world of crimes. During police recruit training, you are expected to learn many things within six months, things such as laws, firearm training, tactical training and community outreach training. Some believe this is a sufficient amount of time while others believe only six months of training is not even close to the amount of time actually needed to enter the field of law enforcement. A police recruit is one who trains at a police academy usually for six months and then graduates to become an officer. Within those six months, recruits learn an abundance of different training techniques and …show more content…

During the hiring process, a civilian must undergo a physical from a doctor that works hand in hand with NYPD along with a physical test that closely monitors the agility, balance, strength and speed of a recruit. This test is also known as JST, the Job Standard Test which consists of jumping a six foot high wall, running up and down a flight of stairs six times, pushing and pulling a physical restraint simulation, run six-hundred (600) feet around in a triangle shape pattern of cones, pull a 176 pound rescue dummy thirty-five (35) feet and then move on to the trigger pull where the recruit must aim correctly and pull the trigger of a mock gun sixteen (16) times with their dominant hand and then fifteen (15) with their other hand. The JST must be completed within a matter of four minutes and twenty-eight seconds, (4:28), (NYPD, 2017). During the academic aspect of the hiring process, civilians are instructed to take a written exam, also known as a police test. The police test consists of memory, reasoning, logic, perception and consists of 53

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