The Pros And Cons Of Political Science

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Political Science is a study that is in the process of progression. According to Douglas A. Van Belle, “faraway galaxies” have politics also. Pondering where people exist, interactions exist. Where people and interactions exist so do cultures and societies whose idiologies and customs very dramatically. I have always been attracted to politics and the more time I spend studing politics the more I realize why. “Political scientist do not agree on a definition” and for “more than 2,000 years” there has been different interpretations of what the science portion is inclusive of. In class we discussed this and we were presented with the interpretation of political science as “Who gets What, When, How” .
At Georgia Southern University the Political Science Department seperates the dicipline into four fields, Political Theory, American Politics, Comparitive Politics and International Politics. Comparing concepts from the four different fields can give us a more philosophical approach to the dicipline. With a higher degree of understanding, we can accomplish more with the knowledge we share.

Political Theory

From my understanding, political theory tends to be a sub-discipline that is much less discussed than the others. “Political theory reflects or engages the philosophical foundations of the study of politics”. Pondering about this subdiscipline, it is very possible to come to the premature assumption that political theory is the blood flow of political studies. In some

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