The Pros And Cons Of Poor Parenting

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As children grow up and become adults, some may look back on the type of parenting they received and others will forget. Many people do to not realize how much parenting can affect a child. Whether it is poor parenting or proper parenting, people can identify which children received which type of parenting based on a child’s emotional, behavior, and physical well being, etc. Although there are different types of parenting, Poor parenting can happen for different reasons and will manifest in a variety of ways. Thus, proper parenting happens when a person creates for a child a stable, nurturing home environment, is a positive role model, and plays a positive and active part in a child’s life. While there are many parents who own a home, not many homes are a nurturing environment. Many children are left neglected in several ways. A mother or father might not want to accept responsibilities as a parent and leave their children, while many others do not attend their child’s soccer game or parent teacher meeting. Nurturing is to care for and encourage the growth and development of someone or something. When a child receives poor parenting they do not get properly nurtured, resulting into the child at risk for emotional and behavioral problems in the future. Thus, children with proper parenting and nurturing, makes a difference in a child’s physical well-being and a greater intelligence later in life. A child with proper parenting is more likely to be able form healthy

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