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Spanking is a form of punishment that consists of striking another person to cause physical pain. It is often used as a method of correcting a child's behavior and has been used for many years by our ancestors, typically being done with an open hand. Spanking children has been a very controversial topic over the years. Spanking is ineffective because it causes aggressive behavior in children, leads to long term mental health issues , and is an act of violence.

Trying to reduce aggression while also using aggression is ineffective at lowering these rates in children . Studies have been done to show the correlation between …show more content…

85% of parents express high levels of anger while spanking their children(CITE)Using acts of aggression and violence teaches children that it is acceptable for a person to use violence to get what he or she wants. This behavior will then carry on into their adult relationships.(CITE)I feel as if punishing children , using violence instills fear and isolation rather than understanding.

Effective parenting is crucial to the healthy development of a child, especially today. Parenting techniques typically carry on from generation to generation, whether they are negative or positive.(CITE) There are more effective ways to discipline a child other than by physical abuse. One of the many reasons children act out is due to lack of attention, causing them to do things to receive it.(CITE) Developing a positive and supportive relationship with a child can be crucial in positively influencing the behavior of a child . Being consistent in the amount of time you spend with them daily can be very beneficial. The child will begin to understand that the parents still love him/her without having to act out of character. Once the relationship is set and healthy, positive behavior will begin to emerge. Set clear guidelines, but do so in a way that the child does not feel unloved or neglected.

It is also important to be a good model in a child's life. Parents should make sure they are displaying the correct

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