The Pros And Cons Of Prison

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Rehabilitation and integration, these words have an important meaning. In prisons all across the United States, incarcerated citizens are suffering. Even after they have served their sentence they still suffer from the lack of knowledge of where to go and how to move forward after prison. People in low security prisons should learn important life skills and how to reintegrate back into outside life. In prisons there is an intense emotional strain on the inhabitants, but there is also an opportunity to increase the productivity of these people once outside of prison. By preparing these individuals for a productive life and decreasing recidivism, society at large would improve. The prison conditions can vary from place to place. However, every prison shows evidence of emotional strain on both prisoners and guards. Prisoners treated as animals or as subhuman do not do well after their time of incarceration ends. "Prisoners were withdrawing and behaving in pathological ways, and in which some of the guards were behaving sadistically” (Zimbardo). The Sandford Prison Experiment is a good example of how an authoritarian environment can be detrimental to the human mind. College students were randomly assigned to be a prisoner or a guard and put in a prison like environment. These college students began to show dramatically altered behaviors within a couple of weeks. Now apply this type of an environment for an extended period of time. These adverse effects on human brains

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