The Pros And Cons Of Segregation

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In society, segregation is a detriment to minorities and is still currently around today, accepting segregation is ignorant and unethical. Many minority people aren’t given a chance to succeed in their lives because of the opportunity that isn't offered to them. In this day and age, anything that represents segregation being acceptable should be removed. In schools, segregation was outlawed a long time ago but it is working its way back and that is causing minority groups to receive less of an education, with fewer opportunities. Even though society has progressed, segregation still exists and creates unfair obstacles in minorities lives. Minority groups aren’t given the same opportunities as other individuals. In other words, every individual isn’t given an equal opportunity to succeed in life. According to Washington Post, Authors of “Redlining prevents minority families from becoming homeowners” says “To redline a community was to cut it off from essential money and resources”. Not giving someone the necessary things they need to thrive in life is very unreasonable. Washington Post writes “The consequences of past redlining can last longer than we realize, even as new forms of it continue.” The lasting impact of not having the essential things and not getting the same opportunities is a disadvantage and can affect the future of these minority groups. The new form of redlining is “Retail redlining” this is when businesses don't put stores in certain areas

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