Social Engineering Technology and Tools

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Introduction This paper analyzes the social engineering technology and the social engineering tools that are used to test the human element with regard to its capabilities and limitations in the areas of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The analysis covers Social engineering Toolkits usefulness, cost, and implementation complexity and how its effectiveness can be enhanced. Social engineering are all those activities that are done by a hacker to manipulate that human tendency to trust so as to gain unauthorized access to the valued information that are in the computer system. The IT specialist agrees that despite the secure networks and firewall being used, the security of the IT is based on the trust in the protection and…show more content…
One security researcher explained it this way, This is because despite the locks and the deadbolts at the doors and the use of the security system, if the person inside the house trusts the person at the gate who says that he has come to deliver pizza without first ensuring that they are not criminals trying to steal information from you, the owner of the house will be completely exposed to the risk that person represents. According to Mitnick, social engineering in information security simply means the psychological manipulation of people so as to divulge confidential information. It involves some kind of confidence trick with the aim of gathering information, committing fraud or getting access to the system . This is very different for the traditional conning but is one of the processes that the social engineering process that is more complex. Techniques used in the social engineering All the social engineering techniques are based on the some very specific attribute used by humans in the decision making process that is known as cognitive biases. These are what the criminals exploit to create some techniques that are used to gain the required information. Some of the techniques include: 1. Use of pretext This is also known as pretexting, blagging or bohoing, which is the act of creating invented or nonexistent scenario to engage the targeted victim in a way
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