The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Online is where teens can post their problems and try to get advice. Once somebody puts information on a networking site, there is no erasing it, it is permanently on there and can be shared with the whole electronic world. Greenfield and Yan in their studies claim that social networking sites have done a great deal in persuading teens to partake in adult and illegal activities and use sites as a source where teens can spill their lives out. Teens don't realize what kind of consequences a simple post of alcohol or drug related can have on them in the future. Just because you are hiding behind a wall of social media doesn't mean that you still can't get in trouble with the law. Teens are being overwhelmed with the general public drowning them in material they are not quite mature enough to deal with yet. Networking sites are filled with risky behavior and, “ 81% referenced alcohol, and 27% discussed illegal drugs” (Greenfield). These statistics are very high considering the amount of information is shared on a certain social media site every day. Developers are trying to come up with a filter or function that will be imvemted into every social media website where they can advertise alcohol or drug related content to minors and if they are not twenty one years of age, then the advertisement will be blocked. Anything that is related to being older will soon be blocked. This is for the safety of the kids. Alcohol related issues along with drugs can damage a teens self esteem
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