Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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In today's world it's like we are all in a network state. Social media can play a major role in our lives through the way we portray one another. Not many people know this but many companies look through your social media before hiring you. I would want to know my employer personally before hiring them because at some point people on social media post about drug abuse and provocative images and comments. Your social media reflects off of you as of who you are as an intellectual person and not everyone on social media portrays themselves as a well spoken person. Colleges and universities are now going more indepth into looking at your resume. Why look at your resume when you are taught to only brag and talk about your positives on there when on social media you share your true thoughts and feelings. Although social media may have bad impacts on student lives there are some pros, for example for students the key to success is studying and most college students do their studying online.
Getting to involved in social media is a bad habit because you portray only your “appealing” sides like i am a sixteen year old girl and i don't post a picture if there is a mess in the background or if i don't look appealing to one's eye. Although that is my opinion it is very like true because with social media it's like a game to see who has more “followers” or “friends”. It's all about a competition and whos better. Girls post provocative pictures to attract followers although it might not

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