The Pros And Cons Of Suicide Terrorism

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Suicide terrorism does not always have to be an attack on the United States from a different country with different cultural values. Suicide terrorism can come from American citizens. More current events are mass shootings by American citizens against their own people. One event is the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary. This attack was where Adam Lanza started by killing his own mother, and then moved on to Sandy Hook Elementary where he took the lives of “Twenty children and six adults” (Connecticut Shootings Fast Facts, 2017, para. 2). After this act of violence, Adam Lanza committed suicide. Another more recent mass shooting attack was the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This attack was carried out by Stephen Paddock. Stephen Paddock, in his attack killed 58 and wounded around 500 people before taking his own life (Yan, & Park, 2017). Whether suicide terrorism is being used by domestic or foreign enemies, the message is clear. They want to hurt innocent people but at the same time scare the rest of the American people. Also, after these attacks many political battles were pushed. Whether it be going to war with another country, or making far stricter laws to possess a firearm and to outlaw certain types of fire arms. These political battles have sparked many debates among the American people. It seems with the loss of innocent lives, certain groups in America try to use this to push their own personal views of what America should do to prevent any further acts.

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