The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Yes: In the world we live in, technology is advancing everywhere from software to machines and even cooking utensils. Improvements to our lives, by technology, include electricity, medical technology, fast productions and, Access to information and education. Without technology the world would be different and it would leave us at a disadvantage. Imagine a world without internet where your teacher assigns you an essay to research nuclear fission. Without the internet, you would have to go to a library to check out a book filled with every little aspect of anything similar to science. Now imagine having to weed through page after page of the book until you found the slightest amount of information on nuclear fission. After that you …show more content…

Ole J. Benedictow, a historical researcher, states, “The Black Death killed 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population.”(Ole J. Benedictow). The black plague was a disease that killed millions of humans with extremely similar immune systems to humans in today’s world. One of the only differences is how we choose to use technology to fight fatal diseases from destroying entire civilizations. Medical care and vaccines make living life longer possible. For decades now the average life span has been increasing. Without medical technology we face the possibility of humanity being irradiated of the face of the earth. Humans have taken advantage of technology since before history was recorded. Caveman area have no written examples of what culture was like yet, because of their technology being spears and paint we conclude they were advanced compared to other animals. The realization that we have been using technology for thousands of years has not been successfully infiltrating the minds of humans. Studies weakly argue technology is harmful yet without it, we would be scavengers without tools, clothing or, Most possessions. Without technology we would not have building, cities, successful governments and, almost everything else. We would be scavengers looking for our next meal trying to survive another day. Our life spans would not average around 70 because without technology we would have to survive on our

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