The Pros And Cons Of The Criminal Justice System

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Criminal justice policies cover many geographical areas and can be very helpful in the criminal justice system. It is important to understand even though one policy may be successful for one area of the community; it may not have the same effect in another area. The variables of each area differ in relation to population, ethnicity, cultural practices, political affiliation, and etc. When accounting for variables in different geographical areas statistics can play a big role in the creation and implementation of new policy as well as making changes to policies which already exist. One policy which may stand out and has had an impact all over the country is the reformation of investigating officer involved critical incidents. Of course with any policy there will be some pros and cons the criminal justice system will have to work with.
As with most critical incidents, local, state, and federal agencies gather, analyze and use statistical data in order to identify potential alarming trends and to determine whether or not any reform is needed. It is reasonable to state that situations involving officer involved shootings qualify as critical incidents; therefore, the statistical data regarding these incidents should be carefully and methodically analyzed.
Utilization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting database serves as a tool to retrieve statistical data in regards to these incidents (UCR Officer Involved Shootings, 2016). In addition to the

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