The Pros And Cons Of The GC Blockade

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GCC Blockade Qatar recently underwent a huge diplomatic change. On June 5, 2017, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt cut their political ties with Qatar and are currently surrounding the country. Normally, people would assume that the blockade only has negative impacts on the people and the economy of a nation, but there are many positives of the event that we should also note.

The public was in a nationwide panic when the news of the blockade first surfaced, but the government quickly assured the people that they had a plan. For example, Ahmed bin Jassim AlThani, Qatar’s economic minister, told CNBC that the blockade was an opportunity that led to opening trade routes with Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, and others. This was a chance to form new ties and strengthen old ones; this positive outlook kept the Qatari people satisfied and ready for …show more content…

For example, according to the Gulf Times “Qatar is spending heavily to support its banks and defend the currency’s peg to the US dollar.” and to their credit, the Qatari riyal kept a strong hold, but they were still at the beginning of their long path to economic stability. According to Moody’s Report, the government had to pay 38.5 billion dollars in recovery from the financial attack. Not to mention, the cut ties between Qatar’s closest allies. During this blockade, all flights to and from Qatar were affected travelling to and from a neighboring country like the UAE would usually last for around 45 minutes to an hour. Now it would take a passenger 2-3 hours to get there because the blockade didn’t only stop land ways, but also airways. Take another example, Egyptians who want to get to their country a flight usually takes them around 3 hours. After the Saudi and other blockade countries blocked the airways they extinguished something called a direct flight to any other country not only Egypt, which now takes a passenger around 5-10

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