The Pros And Cons Of Wildlife Conservancy

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Introduction According to the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013, "wildlife conservancy" means: Land set aside by an individual, land owners, body corporate, group of owners or community for purpose of wildlife conservation. for Following the enactment of the Act, wildlife conservation is now a recognized form of land use. There are incentives for largescale landowners to convert private ranches to conservancies. Presently, there are between 133-140 conservancies spread across 22 counties covering over 7.5 million acres. In Isiolo county, we have 8 conservancies straddling across the county. In the recent past, there has been an ongoing battle between conservancies and the local communities. Dozens of people have been killed or injured. Research Problem Isiolo already suffers high levels of inter-communal and ethno-political conflict. Conservancies in Isiolo are increasing as each ethnic group calls for its own conservancy. They may fail to benefit and empower pastoralists as much as promised. They may interfere with existing structures for land management. Conservancies have increased land conflicts in certain cases and become linked with ethnic conflicts by delineating boundaries and by arming members of the community as scouts. Conservancies may increase arms races …show more content…

Nomadic Peoples 14, 2, pp. 158–163.
Campbell, Ivan, Sarah Dalrymple, Sarah, Rob Craig, and Alec Crawford (2009) ‘Climate change and conflict: lessons from community conservancies in Northern

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