The Prospects Of Melting Arctic Ice Caps And The Consequences Of Climate Change

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It’s the 21st century and global warming is making the headlines in newspapers, radio talk shows, new outlets and even popular TV shows. The prospects of melting arctic ice caps and the consequences of climate change are primary dangers that are capturing worldwide attention however, could this just be the tip of the iceberg for something far greater? Globalization, defined as the process of integration through interaction between individuals, corporations and governments. It is essentially impossible for a community to live and sustain itself within a vacuum; interactions through trade and foreign relations allow for discourse amongst nations causing mutual influences in politics, economics and culture. Although this undertaking has exponentially increased with the increase in information technology, it has been prevalent throughout history. Amongst the world’s regions, East Asia has been exposed to this process the longest as Europe has looked to the East for external resources when early civilizations expanded their geographic and political boundaries. With the effect of globalization on the region, East Asia opened up its borders to the migration of goods, services, information and people. In the 19th century, countries such as China, Japan, and Korea that were attributed to being the “Far East” not only because they were geographic distant from Europe but also culturally exotic. However, present day they are dominant world leaders because they gained economic stability

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