The Protection of Consumer Privacy in E-Business

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Electronic business, commonly known as "eBusiness" or "e-business" ,is a business running on the Internet. Beside buying and selling, it also serves a much wider consumer base and collaborates with business partners. The term also has an accurate definition -"interaction with business partners, where the interaction is enabled by information technology". When information technology has become more accessible, much cheaper and more powerful, E-business has become a new trend. Because of low running cost, E-business lowers transaction costs and has hundreds of millions of participants already. The world is now full of people who are much more familiar with advanced technology than twenty years ago. E-business, therefore, is understandable to…show more content…
Very often, people commit a crime because they think that the punishment is not harsh enough. Therefore, to show the determination to protect consumer privacy, the government should impose harsher punishment that is deterrent enough. Besides, it is essential to allocate more resource to establish some departments which can help protect people 's privacy in e-business. In addition to punishment ad establish departments, the government should educate young people about importance of respecting people’s privacy. The education should be done everywhere, for example, in school, in public areas, and on television, so that it can uproot young people’s wrong values.

Companies also ought to take effective measures to protect consumer privacy. One practical proposal would be that organizations should establish internal controls and physical safeguard for information security. On the one hand, company builds up a security system to control their internal enterprise. Data control and management is a critical issue for corporations. The service provider should be able to ensure customers ' information security, especially those important data such as credit card number, ID number, and email that avoid information falling into the wrong hands. On the other hand, the e-business providers should keep their marketing ethics and social responsibility during the business operation.

Apart from companies, consumers also
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