The Protest Of The Sunset Strip

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Opposition to the Development The opposition to the Sunset strip addition is significant in that it includes the West Hollywood community and LA City councilmembers. In an article by the Staff for WeHoville, “Last Minute Move to Curb 8150 Sunset Traffic on Havenhurst,” the community voices concern over the development’s placement on the northern border of West Hollywood which calls for their involvement in opposition work (the Staff). A community group that calls themselves Laurel Canyon Association openly opposes the development and works to preserve the Hollywood Hills area. The non-profit organization released a Justifications for Appeal in August 2016 in order to modify the development to fit the community’s needs. This is often the case where community members are opposed to such large-scale development for fear of major modifications to existing establishments. West Hollywood City councilmembers Lauren Meister and John D’Amico have also advocated against the development. The two councilmembers supported the views of the community and worked towards stopping the approval of the development. To the two members’ displeasure the final decision to “drop its opposition to the project came in a 3-to-2 vote,” ultimately ending the city’s battle against the development (the Staff). According to WeHoville, the three councilmembers who voted to drop the opposition to the project have been “beneficiaries of campaign donations from Townscape Partners” for quite some time (the

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