The Psychological Effects Of Of Nutrition And Exercise

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Mental balance is an extremely important part of leading a healthy, happy and productive life.
There are three psychological issues that all of us deal with at some level during different stages of our lives that can upset this mental balance. These issues are stress, depression and anxiety. Western medicine has traditionally prescribed medication and counseling to try and deal with these issues for many years. The drugs used to treat these conditions of the mind unfortunately can have severe side effects. Counseling can provide some help but many patients can’t afford the cost of continued counseling and many just abandon the treatment after some period of time. Fortunately recent scientific studies have been showing that nutrition and exercise have a profound effect on keeping our mind and psychological state in balance. Good nutrition and exercise can also help heal our mind after a stressful or traumatizing event. The human mind’s complexity cannot merely be explained in a sentence. Made of 100 billion neurons (which is as many cells as there are stars in the Milky Way), the brain is far from understood. For example each neuron has somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 synapses, equaling about 1 quadrillion synapses. Much time and research will be needed to fathom the relationship between the mind and the brain. However what scientists and scholars around the world are beginning to learn more about is the relationship between the mind and the body, specifically…
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