The Psychological Effects of Going Through Cosmetic Surgery

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in the United States 14.6million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2012. Cosmetic procedures range from skin rejuvenation to cleft palate repair. The most popular age range of cosmetic surgeries performed is 40 to 54 years old. Most of us are self conscious about how we will appear in the future. Our self conscious feelings towards our body image affects us psychologically and psychosocially by our own body-self image, sexual relationships, social interactions esteem and self worth. As we age our body dissatisfaction increases and in order to increase our body self image and esteem we proceed to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures. The psychological or emotional state of …show more content…
Whereas patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty, face lifts and any other facial procedure s found post- surgical psychological disturbance (Edgerton, Jacobson & Meyer 1960). Patients experienced a loss of identity and requested further surgical procedures in order to gain their former appearance. Studies have reported an increase in a patients experiencing reduced anxiety, and feel to be treated more positively by others. (Marcus 1984). A patients’ psychological outcome post cosmetic surgery depends upon their pre psychological health as well as the cosmetic surgery performed. The psychological outcome from cosmetic surgeries has a relationship with the effect on psychosocial or social parameters involved with one who has undergone cosmetic surgery. These parameters include work, social and sexual relationships. Patients who have undergone augmentation mammaplasty reported an improvement in their sexual relationships. Such patients who had a positive outcome from there cosmetic surgery procedure had increased self esteem therefore resulting in more social interaction. A study showed patients receiving a breast reduction taking a comprehensive psychosocial assessment before and after their surgery. Of the 33 patients who completed the survey, 20 patients were operated on and 19 were reassessed. Post surgery patients expressed high levels of satisfaction with

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