The Psychological Needs Of A Social Network Service

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With a rapidly growing number of active users, Facebook is beginning to serve a huge social purpose for most young people. The use of online social network service, such as Facebook, provides people with the ability to remain socially connected with a large network of friends. Besides satisfying its users’ need to stay connected with their social groups, Facebook has also been shown to satisfy users’ psychological needs. However, recent research also links Facebook to the less desirable outcomes, particularly social isolation and interpersonal neglect. Interpersonal neglect on Facebook, such as friend rejection and being ignored by other users, has been shown to negatively affect the four basic human psychological needs. These four psychological needs include one’s need to maintain high self-esteem, one’s need to have personal control over social relationship, one’s need to be recognized by others, and one’s need to have a sense of belonging. This article examined the impact of interpersonal neglect, such as in the case of receiving few responses from Facebook friends, on these four basic psychological needs. The two studies conducted in this article were based on the main hypothesis that interpersonal neglect on Facebook would have a negative impact on users’ psychological needs. For the first study, the authors designed the experiment based on past research, which demonstrated that the quality of social relationship was a better predictor of a person’s experience of

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