The Psychology Of Psychology And Psychiatry

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Before proposing a course I believe it is vital for one to first understand the concept military psychology. The practice of psychology or psychiatry in the military has been around for decades. The military needs psychologist to help choose the best men and women possible to serve and protect. Also, the psychologists must ensure the enlisted are in the best mental and emotional shape possible. It is considered to be a “unique situation” in which not only are these individuals practicing psychologist or psychiatrist they are also most times active duty military personnel. This unavoidable circumstance causes the situation to be significantly different from private practice and other outside settings. For example, clients become comrades outside of counseling and one can imagine the discomfort of counseling someone of higher rank than you. In short these psychologists serve two masters. Not only do they serve multiple roles, these individuals also have dual agency as they must carry loyalty and responsibility to their clients and the military. They are required to place military interest and national security above the interest if their clients. Confidentiality becomes founded “need to know” way of thinking and the general rule is that national security and military concerns override the confidentiality of doctor-client relationships. Knowing exactly who the client is can become difficult to grasp. The question is often asked is it the soldier who sits across from you in your…
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