The Psychology Of Psychology And Psychiatry

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Before proposing a course I believe it is vital for one to first understand the concept military psychology. The practice of psychology or psychiatry in the military has been around for decades. The military needs psychologist to help choose the best men and women possible to serve and protect. Also, the psychologists must ensure the enlisted are in the best mental and emotional shape possible. It is considered to be a “unique situation” in which not only are these individuals practicing psychologist or psychiatrist they are also most times active duty military personnel. This unavoidable circumstance causes the situation to be significantly different from private practice and other outside settings. For example, clients become comrades…show more content…
Both? From my research I have come to understand the definition of psychology as a special branch that applies psychological principles in a military setting focusing solely on military personnel and their families. The purpose of military psychology as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) is, “research or practice in a military environment applying military applications and principles in areas of clinical and health psychology, training and human factors, manpower and personnel, social and organizational systems, and testing and measurement.” In order to become a military psychologist you must be twenty one and forty two years of age, a U.S citizen, and have all the education requirements as a civilian psychologist, meaning high school and bachelors. You will also be required to have a master 's degree, doctoral degree, and a license for practice. As a military psychologist you have a wide range of job duties. This includes diagnosing and treating service members, determining if officers are capable of fulfilling duties, investigate mental and behavioral disorders, and conducting medical research on disease of military importance. Your salary will be determined by your rank and years of military service. The history of psychology being involved with the military dates back as far as the late 1800s starting with the testing stages. The term “mental test” was developed in 1890 by an understudy of Wilhelm Wundt in Germany named James
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