The Psychosocial Effects Of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in American women and around 12 percent of women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.1 Patients have the choice of 5 different types of mastectomy: total mastectomy with removal of breast tissue without lymph node removal, modified radical mastectomy where the entire breast and axillary lymph nodes are removed, radical mastectomy where entire breast and chest muscles are removed, partial mastectomy frequently referred to as breast conservative surgery where only cancerous tissue is removed, or subcutaneous mastectomy where breast tissue is removed with conservation of the nipple and areola.2 The standard of care in the United States for women who have had mastectomy secondary to breast cancer is to receive a breast reconstruction.2 On top of a common but devastating diagnosis of breast cancer with fears of facing months of chemotherapy and radiation, most women also make the decision to beat the cancer with a mastectomy and reconstruction.
The topic I am choosing for my literature review is the psychosocial effects after breast reconstruction in women who have chosen mastectomy as an intervention for breast cancer. I have always been very interested in going into the plastic surgery field when I become a provider and I believe researching this topic can help plastic surgeons and their staff provide appropriate patient education or advise that can result in the most favorable post surgical…
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