The Public Cloud Based On Overhead Considerations

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PARTITIONING OF THE PUBLIC CLOUD BASED ON THE OVERHEAD CONSIDERATIONS Statement of Problem 1. What is the problem? Cloud computing is adequate and extensible and has diverse of nodes with distributed computing resources in distinctive locations. So maintaining the stability and processing various tasks in the cloud computing environment is a complicated problem to make it equal. Since there will be discrete tasks reporting into the cloud we cannot anticipate those processing tasks and the capacities of each node in the cloud alters. 2. What do you know about the problem? There is a lot of data which is processed daily over the computer network which is very complicated. Therefore it is difficult to handle all these data because this …show more content…

So the various methods are used to overcome this overwhelming of the tasks entering into the partition such as weighted least connections, the Random algorithm, a dynamic ratio. But here we use the Round Robin method to make it simple. But prior to using these methods in the equilibrium problems the state or behavior of the system should be known i.e whether it is static or dynamic. Here static scheme means schemes which are less complicated and have the knowledge of the system resources. It also does not depend on the current state of the system and system information. And dynamic scheme will overcome the main drawbacks of the static schemes which are complicated but this will have better overall performance and fault tolerance that means dynamic schemes will bring additional costs for the system but can change as the system status changes. 3. What is that you propose to do about the problem? The main purpose of this is to overcome the overwhelming of a very large cloud computing environment. Balancing the public cloud using a round robin method that is by processing the jobs in a sequence and divide the cloud into considerable partitions. This counter balancing strategy will be used to predict the capacities of each node in the cloud and maintain the stability. That is by dividing a large public cloud into various cloud partitions so that the system performance is improved. This can be done by assigning the

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