The Purpose For This Research Proposal Is To Introduce

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The purpose for this research proposal is to introduce birth defects transmitted from mother to fetus from Zika Virus. And suggest an oriented research proposition to accommodate the dilemma of prevention, and precautions pregnant woman and the public should be aware of. Findings done by previous studies have provided numerous birth effects caused by the Zika virus. Such as congenital deficiencies: Microcephaly, sensory outcomes, motor and limb abilities, and neurological abnormalities. However, the prevalence and incidence rate of transmission from mother to fetus by trimester hasn’t been identified.
It’s been 70 years since the introduction of the Zika Virus in Uganda, and so far, researchers have identified the vector: …show more content…

Meanwhile, in America 6% of fetuses has birth defects, predominately brain abnormalities and microcephaly. Whereas, 11% of fetuses or infants had evidence of Zika-associated birth defects from women with first-trimester Zika infection. For this reason, women are screened for Zika virus exposure (Honein 2017). Which than questions in what specific trimester age is a fetus compatible with microcephaly. And at what rate?
Sensory consequences, are another concern in infants with congenital infections. The types of hearing loss that infants may experience include are either alone or in combination of: sensorineural, neural, and conductive hearing loss, either alone or in combination. In seventy infants with Zika microcephaly in brazil, 7 were diagnosed with hearing loss, including 5 with sensorineural hearing loss and 2 with conductive hearing loss (Kapogiannis 2017). Which they didn’t include the time of infection, but only the outcomes of Zika virus.
There has also been smaller cases of motor and limb abnormalities that have been reported. In which have hip dysplasia and a slight misalignment of large joints, such as the knee, as well as abnormal posturing of extremities without evidence of fixed malformations (Kapogiannis

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