Birmingham Jail Case Study

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1.The origin of jail was intended for alleged short-term lawbreakers until they could see trial. According to Siegel and Bartollas(2017, p.126), “jails gradually came to serve the dual purposes of detention and punishment.” The sentenced time for inmates is a year or less and the detained time for suspected intoxicated detainees is forty-eight hours. On the other hand, prison is known to be a place for experiencing punishment and setting an example of deterrence for further crimes, inmates are sentenced well over a year to life in prison. Both Prison and jail share the mandatory need for medical care. In addition, inmates are put in prison and jail to experience the punishment and defer from recidivism.
2.The architectural style of jail that I would prefer if I was a sheriff for a local jail would be, OmniView Total Supervision Jail style, where inmates have zero privacy. With this type of layout many inmates would be under total surveillance to ensure that violence is not occurring throughout the jail house and if violence were to occur, consequences would be dealt with in a promptly manner. The most serious issues I would be facing in the United States today, would be that inmates would feel as if they have zero privacy within this jail house. If I could implement more programs into my jail it would defiantly be G.E.D programs allowing inmates to continue their education so once they become released back into society they would be able to find work and rehabilitate

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