The Purpose Of Education

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Education has always played an important role within societies and still continues to do so. Education certainly has numerous purposes. From my point of view, the purpose of education is to transfer a wide range of knowledge to students in various fields in order to pursue life ambitions such as job opportunities, research and to prepare students for life and enhancing their current abilities. Education will build and develop the necessary skills required in order for individuals to communicate with others at a standard level (e.g. business trade, all types of research and self-awareness). It could be argued that highly educated individuals have a high social status and this in turn provides opportunities and maintains privilege.
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Krashen also claims that another hypothesis is the affective filter of the learners. This suggests that learners need to have a low filter, high self-esteem, high motivation and a low level of anxiety in order to be successful learners in second language acquisition. He points out that when these variables are low that learners develop a barrier against the comprehensible input (Krashen, 1991). Other factors are important such as having a good classroom atmosphere; a respectful and an enjoyable relationship with students in order to create a fruitful teaching experience and learning environment (Harmer, 2007).
After having acknowledged some of the ways in which students learn best a language, and from my research and my own experience, I have been able to identify my main objectives in teaching EFL/ESL in the future. First of all I need to be completely confident and have the relevant experience required in order to become a qualified teacher. I consider this step of self-preparation to be my first goal as a teacher, before exposing myself to the real challenge of teaching. For my students my main objectives are to create a good classroom atmosphere, ensure that students are motivated, confident

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