Gestapo Essay

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Gestapo Gestapo,was a German secret police force, which was created in 1933 after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. The Gestapo was created to help solidify Nazi control by identifying and arresting people with anti-nazi thoughts in Germany. The agency was restructured several times during its twelve year history and was very important in helping the Nazi deportation and destruction of Europes jews during the Holocaust Herman Göring Herman Göring was the founder of Gestapo and was responsible for the first concentration camps, which led to germany being able to eliminate more jews faster and cheaper. He encouraged his officers to arrest leftist sympathizers, especially communists, which he considered a threat to the Nazi government, this led to people having a fear of believing or having other political opinions than the nazis which led to nobody having the guts to go …show more content…

By the time World War Two started these included Jews, Communists, Jehovah Witnesses and homosexuals – basically anyone who was thought to challenge the hegemony of the Nazists within Germany. After world war two had broke out, the work of the Gestapo occupied Europe where it had two main tasks. The first was to hunt down Jews and other people considered a threat while the second was to tackle the threat of resistance movements. They also expanded gestapos role to an internal police force. Which basically means that the civil people didn't know that they were from the police force, they were basically spies. When the second world war broke out in 1939, there were approximately 40,000 Gestapo agents in Germany. As the war progressed and the Nazis gained territory throught europe they also gained a bigger poopulation this led to the Gestapo employing over 150,000 informants and agents- which made it possible for gestapo to control more areas in the country and cover more

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