The Purpose Of This Project Is To Introduce A Possible

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The purpose of this project is to introduce a possible approach and solution to address inequality in the United States public education system through the implementation of the Initiatory Public Education Policy. As such, it presents evidence to support the claim that academic outcomes improve when children participate in school-readiness programs prior to entering primary education. Moreover, the emphasis of this project is to present an exploratory analysis using the constructionist approach and basic framework of the social problem process by Joel Best (2008, pp. 33-40). First, it introduces the claim that educational outcomes are dependent on socioeconomic status, advocates for universal compulsory early childhood education, and …show more content…

Successful primary education attainment is imperative for entering college, embarking on a career and participating in civil society (Garcia & Weiss, 2015). To be sure, there are studies which suggest that successful outcomes for children depend on their readiness for entry into primary school – therefore, mandating early childhood education is paramount to addressing the inequality within the United States public education system.
Overview, Background and Justification
Addressing the issue of inequality in education requires an evaluation of the claim that preschool (Pre-K) education is fundamental to readiness for primary education and beyond. The end goal of this project is to provide evidence that compulsory Pre-K education is required in order for all socioeconomic classes to be at parity with learning outcomes through the implementation of policy.
Since key foundations for learning are established beginning at birth, starting school behind makes it likely that early disadvantages will persist as children progress through school, and last into their adult lives (Garcia & Weiss, 2015, p.1).
According to the Office of the Administration for Children and Families (2015), former President Lyndon B. Johnson was compelled to implement policy to address concerns regarding child development after consulting with

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