Essay on The Purpose for Tenure in Teaching

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Tenure and Termination Tenure is a position aspired to by all beginning teachers. Tenure is a form of job security that teachers can earn after they reach a certain level of professionalism (Scott, 1986). Once a teacher has earned tenure they are able to maintain an on-going employment contract within an educational system, as long as they abide by the rules and regulations outlined in their contract.
Many states have created tenure policies to protect competent teachers from malicious accusations, and these policies can vary state to state. In this report there will be an exploration on the tenure and termination policy as it applies to the state of New York, an examination on an allegation against a school teacher based on facts and …show more content…

According to the court case Stoddard v. School District, a teacher was denied renewal of her teaching contract because of teaching deficiencies (Leagle, 1974). The teacher contested that the board failed to show how she violated the first or fourteenth amendment, which was her freedom of speech and the right to have equal protection under the law. The teacher won the case as the board did not have a constitutional reason to have a non-renewal of her contract (Leagle, 1974).
A Situation Regarding a Tenured Teacher
An administrator has been presented with an allegation against one of his teachers. This teacher has been having inappropriate conduct with one of his students. The teacher and the student have denied the allegations, even though many witnesses and reports stating otherwise were given to the administrator. There were phone call records obtained by the student’s parent and a written statement from the bartender where the teacher brought the underage student alcoholic drinks. Witnesses saw the student ride in the teacher’s automobile as well as engage in a public display of affection.
Handling the Situation
It is important to consider whether or not the teacher violated school rules or state law. In terms of his tenure, it appears that he did. In the school policy of Yuma School District ONE it states,

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