The Purpose of Time Is to Prevent Everything from Happening at Once by X.J. Kennedy

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“The Purpose of Time is to Prevent Everything from Happening at Once” is a poem that revolves around the idea of life passing by in a flash. Emanating from the day we enter the world, the author X.J Kennedy takes memorable segments from life and crudely ties them together. The poem does not consist of rhymes, so the reader has to go through each word; one by one and truly understand why the author put it there. As we are doing this, we are compelled to slow down, and enjoy the true meaning of it, and get a feel for what is really going on. The entire meaning of the poem is to attempt to get the reader to almost lay back and enjoy the moment. By using imagery from important stages in a person’s life, the reader can truly perceive the widespread turmoil and the dysphoria a fast paced life will lead to. In Kennedy's “The purpose of time is to prevent everything from happening at once" the purpose is to emphasize the passage of time and how crucial the longevity of it is; the examples that he uses are a folding telescope, Einstein's theory, and bewilderment. The primary use of a telescope is so that it may be used to see items in the distance. However, X.J Kennedy manages to mold it into a blinder, forcing us to focus on nothing but the future. Opening with, “Suppose your life a folded telescope/ Durationless, collapsed in just a flash” (1-2). The telescope exemplifies a seemingly short passage of time. Our aim in life is to reach for that one goal we see in the distance. And

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