The Qualities Of Caring In High School

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Many people in high school struggle to find themselves or the qualities that define them; those that do choses qualities which they feel most comfortable in. (leading sentence) These qualities shape how high schoolers are seen by their teachers, peers, and families. Certain students pick qualities in which they will be the center of attention and some students pick qualities that will allow them to blend in with the crowd. Regardless of the specific qualities, how those qualities allow someone to treat those around them has an impact of their life. Suman choses qualities that allow her to treat people with respect. (thesis)
One of these qualities is caring. Caring is a big part of the society we are born in; we are cared for from birth and we learn to care for those around us as time goes on to establish relationships. Suman is a prime example of someone who cares in day to day life in order to respect those around her. (assertion) Suman is an active member in several organizations such as UNICEF and Red Cross. (evidence) These organizations missions are to help and care for people that need help, therefore by Suman being a part of these organizations she’s showing her compassion to help those that are in trouble or are not as fortunate as her. This allows her to be able to sympathize with people do to her compassion and allows her to establish relationships where respect is key (commentary) Suman is also the type of person to go help a friend at the drop of a hat regardless

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