The Qualities Of Mark A Leader

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Complete Name: Unit 1 Student Name: Lubinski, Theresa

1. Consider the qualities that mark a leader—vision, ability, enthusiasm, stability, concern for others, self-confidence, persistence, vitality, charisma, and integrity. On the basis of these 10 qualities, discuss the best leader you have ever had

Student Answer: Working in all types of different industries, I have been around many types of leadership styles. There have been leaders that are natural born leaders, others who learned from their experience and worked up their career ladder, and others who only received a leadership role due to brown-nosing and undermining
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Before him, the department was chaotic. He knew it needed to be split into two different areas. The lead over the department was overwhelmed with at least forty employees that were material handlers, auditors, and clerks. One area was classified as pallet picking and the other was individual picking. Sonny knew that it needed to be two separate departments, with two leads instead of one. This way, Ryder was exceeding the customer’s (Volkswagen) expectations, instead of falling behind and possibly shutting the line down (which was a huge error on Ryder’s part). Due to Sonny’s implementation of a new workflow and discussing it with upper management, he received his promotion of lead of the new division. Although his vision was not enough to save Ryder’s contract with Volkswagen, it did promote better morale within the department. The employees that worked in that department were not as stressed as they once were and there amount of work and overtime were not as bad as they once were. When I started Ryder, I was given a week to understand the program SAP. I’m usually a quick learner, but my trainer only trained me how she saw fit. I was granted another week due to Sonny. He advised his supervisor and manager that I could do it, just maybe under a different trainer. So when mine left on vacation, I received better training and even understood my job. As much as I enjoyed my job though, I still was going through a hard time working there. The
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