The Questionnaire And The Questionnaires And Review Of Documentary Sources

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This study employed the survey research method, and used the technique of interviews to complement the questionnaires and review of documentary sources. The questionnaire was structured to a five point Likert scale, where strongly agree was assigned 1 point, agree was assigned 2 points, neutral was assigned 3 points, disagree 4 points and strongly disagree 5 points. Descriptive study design was adopted in conducting this research study. Descriptive research is the process of collecting data so as to test hypotheses or in order to answer questions regarding the current status of the variables or subjects in the study which is very useful as the respondents were given enough time to respond to the questionnaires without any interference whatsoever or manipulation (Williams, 2007; Ary et al., 2009). The descriptive study included survey and fact finding enquiries. This is the most preferred research technique as it provides a more generalized outcome of the study population. Thus this design was considered most useful for generalizing the research findings (Sindhu, 2012). The literature used in this study was obtained from original articles retrieved from online databases, including but not limited to the EMBASE database, the Cochrane Library and the Psych INFO. The search for the articles was conducted by using the keywords ‘police’, ‘policing’, ‘racial discrimination’, ‘police recruitments’, ‘academic grades’ and ‘minority groups’ to make sure that the search included all
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