The Qur Compared To The Holy Bible

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1.The Qur’an is similar to the Holy Bible by, “ it teaches monotheism, and God’s total power and knowledge, his divine mercy and forgiveness, and faith” (214).Also, both accepts Jesus as a prophet and both punish non-believers. The differences are the Qur’an doesn’t refer to Allah as a anthropomorphic qualities like the Holy Bible does.

2.Some of the imagery used in the Qur’an is, “ As for the unbelievers, their works are like mirage in a desert. The thirsty traveller thinks it is water but it's nothing. He finds God and God pays in him . Swift is God’s reckoning.” (219). I think they delivered the message pretty well in the Qu’ran because what the quote is saying is if one is an unbeliever of God, God is going to punish them on Judgment

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