The Rats With Food Deprivation Essay

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Providing the rat with food deprivation will lead to body weight reduction and diminish anxiety-related behaviors, such as the increased incentive to feed in open, aversive environments.

1. A total of 51 males and female Wistar rats are gathered into group-housed Macrolon cages, where they were under standard conditions such as, 12-hour light and dark time schedules, room temperature environment, and given tap water every other day.
2. After every rat’s individual body weight was measured, the animals were randomly distributed to five independent experimental groups; each consisting of intervals of 16-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour of food deprivation, 4 days of fixed-time feeding, or ad libitum (self-regulated) feeding.
a. The rats were transferred into single-housing cages to establish a habituation setting.
b. Sixteen hours before the behavior experiment started, the rats in the fixed-time feeding group received food for 4-hours between 8:00-12 AM for four consecutive days.
c. The food deprived group’s period was staggered to ensure that each individual group hadn’t had any food for the same time at the start of the behavior testing.
3. The first analysis of behavior testing was the Modified Open Field Test.
a. During the procedure, the rats were individually places in one corner of an illuminated white open field (100 x 100 x 40 cm) with food pellets in the center.
b. Within a time period of 5 minutes, their behaviors that were analyzed are the
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