The Real Challenge Of The Pacific

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Hong Nguyen
Professor Stephen Long
Political Science 250
25 September 2015
A respond to “The Real Challenge in the Pacific” In his recent work, Dr. Michael D. Swaine has offered harsh critiques of Dr. Andrew F. Krepinevich for supporting the limitation of China 's pursue of territorial dispute over neighboring regions. Swaine, however, underestimates China 's ambition for power; overlooks its rapid increase of economical and militarily strength; and generalizes that China is willing to stabilize and that this stabilization would not develop into further chaos. China’s great ambition of power has been demonstrated by its notorious territorial dispute with its neighboring countries over the Nine Dashed line or the U-shaped line and the First Island chain. China has great ambition over the energy-rich South China Sea where Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also claim. Beijing has been placing oil rigs in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and Myanmar’s Andaman Sea these recent years to search for oil and gas, showing that it is constantly searching for new resources to conquer. The Paracel and the Spartly islands were claimed in whole or in part by countries surrounding it, including the Philippines, U.S.’s ally. Similar to the Paracel and the Spartly islands’ cases, although Japan claimed that Senkaku islands their territory, China also claimed theirs without any indisputable proof. China can make a detour by claiming that the islands were Taiwan’s and since it was…
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