The Real Slum Dogs Film

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d. Social Class/ pg. 96: Large numbers of people who have similar amounts of income and education and who work at jobs that are roughly comparable in prestige. Social class is related to the families documented in the real slum dogs film because they are all in the same social class. All of the members are workers in the slum of Dharavi, India. While a few people may own businesses and larger means of production, most of the people who work in the slums make roughly the same income. The families in the slums work hard to make money to help support their family’s life. Parents work hard to be able to pay for children to attend good schools. They also push children to get a good education and to focus on their studies. Parents have to try hard to put food on the table and to improve living conditions when it is possible. The people who live in Dharavi shown in this video are part of a low social class where living conditions are very poor. There is garbage all over the place, shared public bathrooms that go between many families so, sanitation is not a very good. Families also are forced to share the taps for running water, which only run for a certain period of time each day making it harder to get clean water to cook, drink and bathe. Jobs in the slum do not require high levels of education and ability. One job is recycling or “picking” which is sorting through trash and separating colored plastic and other “useful” things into piles, bagging them and then sending them to

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