The Realism Of Naturalism And Naturalism

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Naturalism A movement in the late 19th century arose wherein drama would be used to portray people and events as they actually are. Looking at ordinary people in situations that would actually happen. In Europe, France specifically, this meant the Naturalism movement. Naturalism is a similar idea to that of realism in wanting the drama to reflect reality as much as possible. However, naturalism was built around a theory that builds further from the goals of realism. Naturalism is defined as “a style of art or literature that shows people and things as they actually are” (Naturalism). “The mid-nineteenth century witnessed the state of a new kind of awareness and self-reflection among theatre artists” (Schumacher 1). This awareness meant that putting on a play just to put on a play was no longer enough. “The creation of imaginary worlds had to be justified on ethical, sociological, political and aesthetic grounds” (Schumacher 1). This may sound similar to realism; however, naturalism does differ. Naturalism was devised from the ideas of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Not only do naturalistic plays present realistic characters and story lines, but these characters and stories also involve evolution and heredity. Darwinism is important to understand when looking at naturalism because it is the catalyst that inspired those in the theatre community to embrace naturalism. Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin. His theory was initially

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