The Reality Of North Korea Essay

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The Reality of North Korea
North Korea has been labeled as a mysterious state as the country is secluded from the rest of the world. The Democratic People 's Republic of Korea is a small country with a population of 25 million and is under a communist model of power. The country has been under control of the Kim dynasty since 1948, it began with Kim Il-Song and since then they have remained in power to this current day. The leaders are plastered all over the city of Pyongyang, with statues and murals on the wall and with the citizens wearing pins with the previous leaders to show their dedication to the regime. The city itself is a front to demonstrate a dynamic and advanced country. The regime has been successful for years, regardless of the fact that the government is repressive and the numerous violations of human rights. After the mismanagement of the famine crisis, which resulted in possibly millions of deaths. How is it possible for the regime to be still intact, especially when so many countries before them, have failed. The regime has successfully indoctrinated children at a young age through their education system, the barricading of information and their implanting of fear among the population.
It seems the people of North Korea have a strong emotional attachment to the Kim 's, which is not surprising since the country is so small it is understandable for Kim to establish strong relationships with his people and allow the population to gain trust in him. However,

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