The Reason For Personal Faith And Religion

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Religion and faith are often used hand in hand, but the two are very separate things. They can work together, or may be used separately, if at all, by a person. Religion can be defined as being “tied or bound by obligations to whatever powers are believed to govern one 's destiny.” While personal faith is something that one believes in, without proof or reason, but they are not bound by obligations. The major differences here that I will be discussing is that of written word, obligation, and practice.
The first difference is in the reason for personal faith and religion. Most all religions have a reason or a moment in time where it became apparent what they were to do in order to please the governing entity that they worship. This often comes in the form of written or oral word that is passed on through the generations and held very sacred. In the case of personal faith, many find this on their own, with no revelations from a prophet, or by the word of their lord. In my experience, personal faith comes from within, a feeling indescribable to one who has not felt it as well.
This feeling is what people call faith, and it often goes along with a religion such as “The Christian Faith” which just means that one believes, full-heartedly, in the stories of the Christian religion, and their mission. They do not need to see evidence to believe, or have any real proof (or lack of evidence) to believe because the feeling and pull within them is more than enough. The reason this is

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