The Rebel Alliance Members From Endor

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After returning from Endor. The Rebel Alliance members were at a party on a Planet who just incsited throwing one for them. After the party winded down some went to meet up at a bar. Leia and Han sat at a table with Lando, chiew and a few other members of the Rebel Alliance. "Say, where 's Luke?" Han asked. "At Another table talking with the other X-wing flyers" Leia responded. When the food came Chiew called out happly. "your telling me buddy, this stuff is much better then that fancy crap at the party" han awnsed back to the wookie. "hey, good thing i knew about this bar" Lando piped in. Leia just laughs "you three are something else" most of the food was gone, but they keep the drinks coming. "I 'll be right back," Leia…show more content…
Leia decided to head back to the table. when she was stopped. "Hey, Leia" the voice called out. she cried under her breath. it was the Prince Derryn, her ex. "so what brings you here" he asked her. "after party, the one for the rebel alliance was a bit to high end fr everyone." she replied. "you know, you and I should get together" he suggested. "I 'm already seeing someone" leai replied, hoping he drop it. "oh, really who?" he questioned her. "Han Solo" she smirked "as in the smuggler who did the Kelsser run" Derryn cried out. "but he 's a smuggler" he added "he may be a smuggler and scaudarl, but he 's a nice guy. he 's there for me when i need him, when i have nightmares." she retorted. "nightmares, being dramatic" he accused her. "maybe about how i was torched by vadar 's men for hours and when they couldn 't gt the info out of him, Vadar made me watch them blow up Aldran. everything gone just like that" Leia voice was starting to show her anger. "get over it, it 's been what, 4 years. also why solo would be with you are a bit of a slut, i heard about you being dressed in that outfit at jabba 's palace" Leia was ready to smack the smug look off her face. but she had a better idea. "frist off, I was forced to wear that damn outfit and if it 's any constellation, i choked the bastared to death with the chains to get away from him. The second i was able to I took the damn thing of and had it thrown in the insinuator." "you want to know why I

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