The Reception Officer, The Public Face Of The Laboratory

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The Reception Officer The reception officer functions as a) the public face of the laboratory and b) to ensure consistency of information and legal commitment. The reception officer will act as the point of the contact and reference for clients. A reception officer’s functional requirements include a) a solid knowledge of managing investigation processes and b) a proficiency of translating investigation requests into realistic sound forensic expectation. He or she will be responsible for managing relationships with a) various laboratory divisions, b) law enforcement officials, c) attorneys, d) criminal and civil court personnel, and e) peers. The reception officer will be expected to adhere to laboratory and company policies when a) …show more content…

He or she will be accountable for the analysis of the available material and for ensuring that any findings are presented in a clear and detailed manner, which allows for accurate reproduction (Citation?). The Lead Forensic Analyst The lead forensic analyst will be accountable for the forensic analyst team. He or she will maintain a thorough chain of custody of evidence, including the documentation of investigation processes and a final analysis, providing reproducible results and an inventory of evidence examined. He or she will submit relevant reports to appropriate investigative agencies. The lead forensic analyst may testify in a court of law as an expert witness. He or she will attend conferences and training to ensure awareness of new technology and forensic methods. The profile for this role is often the experienced associate in the evidence correlation, review and connecting the missing dots to a specific digital device and footprints signature to a particular, the user with that device, it may be possible to use supporting evidence from access control systems recognition, audit logs, or other supporting captive device, collateral secondary evidence, i.e.CCTV record; user name, login ID and password and timeline (Jones & Valli, 2008, pp. 28-58 ). Staff Certification and Training Technological evolution is dynamic and constantly changing, typically in a

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