The Red Wine With Appetizer Essay

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She was looking beautiful with a a pink outerwear with a white shirt inside. As our plan we had reached there on time. I was little shy to start over as it was the first day of the meeting. She smiled and swiped her hair away from her forehead. I melted down because of the charming presence which was out of my imagination.

" Eventually we are ended up meeting here ' how are you feeling Meh?", she asked me. "See! I had told you right ? If we think something will come to be true one day. It was quite hard to convince you that we will have this moment one day",I replied. She nodded with a smile. " Let 's order some food first", I pulled the menu and said. "Okay, sure ". " I think we can order the red wine with-appetizer, does it work for you?". " She shook her head and that 's what I gave the order.

The sun was shining, wind was blowing slowly. The clear and beautiful sky had added the extra worth on that moment.I could see her hair was spreading due to the mild blow on her head. She smiled again, my heart melted second time. I was thinking about how to talk to her and how to be close to her as what we were in the chat. "By the way how long are you going to stay in Nepal?", I started to be engaged for conversation. " I will return back by the last week of next month? How about you ?" . " I will stay little longer, I have something to finish up here before I leave", I replied. " You seem more prettier than what you looked in your picture", I said. "Really ? Thanks for

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