The Reflection Of Student Disconnection In The Class

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Student disconnection is like a virus that spreads to everyone in the class, just one student with their head down and you soon have a pandemic of uninterested children. It’s vital to stop this disengagement as soon as it appears to keep it localized to one student. Currently, I am the long-term substitute for a High School Math II class featuring mostly tenth graders. At times it’s difficult to hold the attention of a room filled with snarky teenagers. I use a variety of techniques to keep my students engaged drawling from high-quality instruction, classroom management skills, and our teacher/student relationship. Every day the lesson plan for my class is fast paced and as exciting as possible. The idea is to keep them busy the entire class to avoid disengagement. If we are moving at a quick pace it’s harder for students to zone out or they miss a ton of information. Next, I utilize different types of materials to explain the topic of the day. I may start by giving notes and lecturing, then move on to a video where the same idea is communicated more visually. Changing up instruction methods seems to hold a student’s attention better than if I simply drone on lecturing. I also like to switch up activities, class may begin with a lecture for fifteen minutes, then move on to a worksheet or some online learning. Changing activities provide a natural brain break, although at times I implant those by telling a joke or allowing a student to share a story. Classroom management

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