The Reflection Of The Raman Essay

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Though she gives birth to her daughter Roohi, she never remained satisfied. When she was pregnant for the first time, she was happy because she was the center of attraction, love and care by all family members. When she gave birth to the baby boy, “Her son had inherited her looks and color, a further source of gratification.” (Kapur 16) However, things changed when she gives birth to her daughter. She was not prepared mentally and physically. Besides, “Roohi, her daughter is a carbon copy of her father” (Kapur 18). She never finds herself affectionate towards Roohi as she does to Arjun. Raman is portrayed as loving and caring husband but due to his work, he could not give time to his family. Raman loves Shagun at extent but her desire of independence and escape from Raman takes her away from her children. Although Shagun proved herself as ideal wife to husband, mother to her son and daughter -in-law for her in-laws, however, in course of time, her priorities became changed and she becomes conscious about self-satisfaction. She wanted something special and exciting in her life. She finds her married life with Raman is too boring to bear, without having any charm in it. With the storm of the globalization and economic liberalization, Shagun’s life takes a drastic turn. She wants adventure in her life. The constant urge for luxurious life makes her life miserable. In the Modern era of globalization and liberalization, a smell of individual identity spread in Shagun that leads

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