The Regression Equation For Multiple Regression

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Assignment 3C 1) The regression equation for the table is as follows: Y= -1.51x1 +(-2.57)x2 +1.24x3 +9.60x4 +75.46. The equation for multiple regression is Y=B1x1 +B2x3 +B4x4 +a, where Y is the dependent variable, b is the coefficient, a is the constant and x is the independent variable. 2) The confidence interval I have applied for all the coefficients is 95%, meaning there is a 5% chance the results fall outside the interval. The education coefficient is between -1.95 and -1.07. The gender coefficient is between 0.07 and -5.21 at a 95% confidence level. The immigrant coefficient is between 4.08 and -1.6 at 95% confidence level, and the religion coefficient is between 12.76 and 6.44 at a 95% confidence level. 3) The confidence interval is one of the parameters that estimates or demonstrates the relationship between the results found in the sample and a characteristic in the population. There is a 95% probability that the education level of the population is between -1.95 and -1.07. Since the null value(0) is not part of the interval, there is statistical significance. The results for gender fall between 0.07 and -5.21, since the confidence interval includes 0, it is not statically significant. The results for immigration fall between 4.08 and -1.6, since the result also includes 0 in the interval, there is no statistical significance. The confidence interval results for religion fall between 12.76 and 6.44, proving there is statistical significance between the
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